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Best Stocks Under Rs 50 in India With Strong Fundamentals

Stocks Under Rs 50: Generally stocks below Rs 50 are considered penny stocks. Penny stocks are riskier in comparison to other stocks. These stocks are good for investors who are ready to take more risk. Along with the risk these stocks can give multibagger returns also. There is also a very famous saying that more risk more rewards.

Stocks under Rs 50 are also good for investors who don’t have much money. These investors can buy these stocks and easily average out when stocks fall more. Investors should do proper Research and Analysis before investing in the stock as I am repeating these are highly risky. Please do not put all the money in just one stock diversity properly. In this article, I am sharing five best stocks under Rs 50.

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Stocks Under Rs 50 #1Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank is the largest small finance bank in the country with over 4,000 branches and 2,000 ATMs spread across 11 Indian states and 2 Union Territories. It is headquartered in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It provides financial services in rural and semi-urban areas. It was founded in 2010 and was licensed as a small finance bank by the Reserve Bank of India in 2017.

On 21st July 2023, it was registered on the stock market and its IPO was oversubscribed and its investors got massive returns on listing day. The market cap of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank is ₹₹5,801.74 Cr, making it a Small-Cap company. Currently, its P/E Ratio(TTM) is 14.03. After listing the stock was given a 10% return.

Stocks Under Rs 50 #2Trident

Trident is a leading Indian multinational conglomerate. Its headquarters is in Ludhiana, Punjab. It was founded in the year 1972. Trident is in different segments like Textiles, Paper and Chemicals. Trient is the world’s largest manufacturer of home textiles. Trident is known for its bedsheets and towels.

Apart from India they also export their products to over 100 countries worldwide. Numerous awards have been given to them by the government as they are dedicated to sustainable practices, using recycled materials, and renewable energy sources.

The market cap of Trident is ₹18,875 crore Cr, making it a mid-cap company. Currently, its P/E Ratio(TTM) is 41.66. Its share has delivered around 7% return in the last year and the last 5 years the delivered a massive return of around 475%.

Stocks Under Rs 50 #3TV18 Broadcast

TV18 Broadcast Limited is an Indian media company. They are leading player in the Indian news media and it operates several prominent news channels in India like CNBC-TV18 and News18 India.TV18 Broadcast is owned by Reliance Industries.

In Future, there plan to more focus on digital presence through online news platforms, and mobile apps. With the growing popularity of OTT platforms TV18 also planning to launch their platform or collaborate with existing ones. Apart from India they actively looking to capture the international market and exploring potential partnerships.

The market cap of TV18 Broadcast is ₹1,989.02 crore Cr, making it a Mid-cap company. Currently, its P/E Ratio(TTM) is 92.00. Its share has delivered around 27% return in the last year.

Stocks Under Rs 50 #4Bajaj Hindustan Sugar

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar is a leading sugar and ethanol manufacturer in India. It is Founded in the year 1931. They have a sugarcane crushing capacity of 136,000 tonnes per day. They mostly operate in Uttar Pradesh.Bajaj Hindustan Sugar is under the Bajaj brand.

In the Recent Past, the company has faced challenges like declining sugar prices, high input costs, and competition from other sugar producers. But now the company is focusing on increasing ethanol production. The government is supporting the sugar and ethanol industry and they are planning to mix ethanol with petrol and reduce the dependency on other countries for fuel.

The market cap of TV18 Broadcast is ₹5,801.74 crore Cr, making it a Small-cap company. Currently, its P/E Ratio(TTM) is 14.00. Its share has delivered around 55% return in the last year. If you believe in the government’s ethanol blending policy this stock should be on your radar.

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Stocks Under Rs 50 #5Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank is a public sector bank in India. Its headquarters is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is Founded in the year 1937. They have around 4,000 branches and 2,000 ATMs across India. They operate in both rural and urban areas and offer products like savings accounts, fixed deposits, and current accounts. They offer loans like home loans, personal loans, business loans, and agricultural loans.

In the Recent Past, the bank has faced challenges of High levels of NPAs. The plan includes reducing NPAs, improving operational efficiency using technologies, and diversifying revenue streams by including services mutual funds and insurance. The government also trying to revive PSU banks.

The market cap of TV18 Broadcast is ₹30,264 crore Cr, making it a Lap-cap company. Currently, its P/E Ratio(TTM) is 10.00. Its share has delivered around 35% return in the last year. ₹30,264. PSU banks have not given good returns in past years. This year PSU Bank index has also given around 77% return. Analysts are also super bullish on PSU Bank in upcoming years as well as.


In this article, we have discussed the top Stocks Under Rs 50 in India. Please research and consult your financial advisor before investing in any stock. Whatever we have discussed in this article is just for knowledge purposes.


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