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IIM Graduate Who Became P*** Star & Now He Is A Millionaire.

IIM graduate who became p*** star: Watching p*** is considered taboo in India. It is illegal to produce a p*** film in India. But what I tell you is that there is one guy from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, who graduated from IIM, and now he is a p***star and making millions of dollars from it. It sounds shocking, but it is true. So in this article, I am going to discuss the story of an IIM graduate who became a p*** star.

He is professionally known as a Niks Indian. He was born in Varanasi, India, and studied engineering in Kanpur. During his engineering time, he got very fascinated by the p*** industry and wanted to try it. He told his plan to his friends, and everyone discouraged him.

After completing his engineering, he got admission to IIM, which is a very prestigious business school in India. For his MBA, he went to Mumbai. During their MBA, he didn’t discuss much of his plan with friends, as he was already discouraged by his engineering friends. 

Once his MBA was completed, he got a job as well, and it was a high-paying job, so he was able to save a lot of money. After working for more than 4 years in a job, he left to fulfil his dreams of working in the p*** industry. But at that time he was not aware of how to enter in p*** industry.

He thought it would be better if he just started working in the Bollywood industry to get experience as well as have fun. He got some offers to act in movies as well as in ads. He was getting good money, but he was not satisfied, as he wanted to work in a p*** industry to have fun. He understood that in Bollywood there is no fun and there is a lot of struggle, which he doesn’t want to do. He studied the Bollywood industry and made some contacts in Italy through the mail.

He tried to go to Italy to make more contacts and be able to produce p*** films. But his visa got rejected every time because he didn’t have any job, and without a job, it was next to impossible to get a visa at that time. He again applied for a job and got the job again, and after working for a few months, he again applied for a visa. This time he got the visa and went to Italy in 2016.

During his visit to Italy, he met Italian pornographic actor, director and producer Rocco Siffredi who had lots of experience in this industry. After making contact with different p*** actresses and cameramen, he started producing and acting in p*** films. He has invested all his saving money about 60 lakhs to shoot the p*** film.

After shooting lots of videos, he created a website and started uploading these videos to the website. People started loving his video as he is the first male p*** star from India. Now, he is permanently living in Europe and regularly producing more p*** films. So far he has produced more than 200 porn movies.

He has fulfilled his dream of working in the p*** industry and having fun in life. In his interview, he said that he had made a lot of money from the industry and had already become a millionaire.

Niks Indian Worth in 2024

Niks Indian has a website with his name and according to siteworthtraffic his website’s net worth is more than USD 42,812. There are 10,267 unique users each day on this website. His website is the main earning source. In his interview, he said that privacy is a big issue. He constantly needs to monitor that his films do not get pirated.

Apart from his website he also earns money from sponsorship and sponsorship in the p*** industry is good.

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His story is fascinating. He saw a dream, and to fulfil that dream, he worked hard. First, he cracked IIM, then he did a top-paying job and saved all his salary. He is a risk-taker; he invested all his savings to produce this p**** film. 60 lakhs is not a small amount to put aside to fulfil a dream. If his plan does not work, he cannot return to India as well. As all his friends and office colleagues knew, he was working in p**** and nobody was going to give him a job. As a normal person, we can judge this IIM graduate who became a p*** star. But seeing a dream, working for it and achieving it is inspirational and motivational for me.


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