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Best Books on Swing Trading in 2023

Books on swing trading will help you understand the strategy psychology required to do swing trading. Compared to intraday trading swing trading is less risky. In intraday trading, traders need to square off the position within the day only whereas swing trading traders can hold the position for a period of several days to weeks. Here timeframe is shorter than long-term investing but longer than intraday trading. Swing trading provides the opportunity for traders to sort the market or to go long in the market depending on the trend of the market. Using swing trading traders can generate a return between 5-10 & on monthly basics.

If you are new to trading it is better to start with swing trading as a comparison to intraday trading. you can manage to do in trading while having a proper full-time job. You don’t need to be actively available in the stock market to do swing trading. Swing Trading helps you to understand market psychology, different chart patterns and emotions. Once master all these and eventually become profitable in swing trading then move for intraday trading only. Books are one of the best ways to learn swing trading. So in this article, I will discuss the best books on Swing Trading.

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1) How To Swing Trade

This book covers all aspects of swing trading, from the basics to advanced strategies. Apart from strategies it also focuses on mindset and psychology. Chart patterns and price action play a very important role in swing trading. Chart patterns help you to identify the exact entry points and exit points. This book heavily focuses on chart patterns and price action.

It is also helpful for the experienced trader as provides complex technical indicators and trading setups to learn. This book uses real-life scenarios to make you understand strategies in a better way. The author has done PhD and is an active Canadian trader and proprietary fund manager at Peak Capital Trading. The author has written books on swing trading as well as on intraday trading and both of these books are best seller books.

Author Andrew Aziz, Mr. Brian Pezim
Publish 2 October 2018
Goodreads Rating4.2
how to swing trade | Best Books on Swing Trading in 2023

2) Swing Trading for Dummies

Technical analysis is important for swing trading but fundamental analysis also plays a necessary in swing trading. This book teaches you the both. The author focuses on to bottom approach in this approach first identifying promising markets and sectors to trade. After choosing the sector analyse the stocks in that particular sector for swing trading.

This approach helps to make better decisions and book more profit in comparison to the other approaches. This book also touches on often-overlooked topics such as money management, journalkeeping, and strategy planning. The author himself is a highly experienced trader, analyst, and portfolio manager and shares his insider knowledge.

Author Michael Butler Murray
Goodreads Rating3.9
Best Books on Swing Trading in 2023

3) Mastering the Trade

This book provides a comprehensive roadmap for profiting from short-term market movements. It teaches the 5-point setup and is a battle-tested framework for identifying high-probability trade opportunities. Along with technical aspects of trading, it also focuses on psychology, helping the trader to develop a proper mental state to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of the markets.

Along with different strategies, it also teaches you chart patterns and price action. It covers real-life scenarios to make you understand how strategies work. It focuses on the pros and cons of different Strategies and on which scenario which strategy will work better.

AuthorJohn F. Carter
Published29 June 2018
Goodreads Rating4.2/5

4) The Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading

This book is perfect for beginner traders and covers the basics of swing trading. From technical analysis to risk management to developing a trading plan and psychology it covers all. Along with price action, it focuses on the use of secondary indicators like moving average, RSI and MACD.

The strategies discussed in this book involve the use of price action as well as indicators to make better decisions while doing swing trading. It teaches the concept of risk-to-reward ratio and volume profile. The author has been actively investing and trading in the stock market successfully for over 20 years. Steve Burns is the author of seventeen books about the stock market.

AuthorSteve Burns
Published27 August 2021
Goodreads Rating4.1/5
the ultimate guide to swing trading

5) Swing Trading With Technical Analysis

The book will explain you basics of technical analysis and how to use various technical analysis tools like support & resistance, moving averages, candlesticks, chart patterns and indicators to identify proper swing trading opportunities. It includes real-life examples and various case studies and charts to make you understand the strategies discussed in this book.

The trader will get the answers to questions like when to enter, how long to hold and when to sell. It also explains the important concept of Risk Management in Swing Trading. This is one of the best books on swing trading written for the Indian Stock Market.

AuthorRavi Patel
Published1 January 2013
Goodreads Rating4.1/5
Swing Trading With Technical Analysis


Swing trading is the best trading as it provides life balance because it requires less time commitment and is usually less stressful than other trading like intraday and scalping. A trader can do swing trading as a part-time job. I hope after reading these books on swing trading you will become the perfect swing trader and can make a good profit from the stock market. After reading these books on swing trading please practice different Strategies and backtests before doing the actual trading.


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